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The new Shrine room is now operating. The besser block construction has internal sound insulation and lined. The floor is a "floating floor" with acoustic backing. The Shrine has a skylight for daylight illumination and LED lighting at all times during the night. The LED lighting inside and on the entrance is run from a 12V solar system. The tri-fold front doors are sound insulated with double glazing and can be folded back for extra access when the group has insufficient room within the Shrine Room. The PA system allows for all to hear at a subdued volume - to minimise disturbance to neighbors and allow all to clealy hear the teachings. A T loop has been installed for the hearing impaired allowing anyone with hearing problems to gain clear hearing of teachings.

The shrine room is on one level from the entrance allowing wheelchair access.


Padma Buddhist Centre practices and promotes Tibetan Buddhism of the Sakya lineage.


Padma Buddhist Centre was established in 1997 by Elizabeth Knight and has been at Point Vernon from 2007 until April 2012. The new Shrine Room opened at 6 Holiday Parade, Scarness in April 2012 behind The Dharma House.

Regular practice at our Shrine Room is at 6:30 pm on Thursdays.. We have recess during school holidays to allow members to devote time to their families. The Shrine room and "Dharma House" is located at 6 Holiday Parade, Scarness.

There is a notice board in front of the "Dharma House".  Information on the centre, other centres and teachings are also available there.

Regular practice consists of Manjushri, calm abiding meditation, medicine Buddha and Ngondro. Study and discussion of Buddhism forms a part of our group's activities. The Saturday morning session consists of a short Green Tara practice and Ngondro.

Regular Calm Abiding Meditation courses are held throughout the year.

Our spiritual Leader Lama Choedak Rinpoche visits at least annually for talks. Other teachers are invited for teachings when available.

For information about Hervey Bay and surrounding towns and districts - see the official website of the Fraser Coast Council


Our head centre (in Canberra) details may be found at the website of

Sakya Losal Choe Dzong

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